Plastics processing

The Plastic is the nearest material to maintain our lives.
The range of applying plastic from the advanced technical material to the our daily goods is so vast that nothing can beat it.
Do you know the reason why this material become so indispensable to our civilization to and its culture?
The one reason is that plastic has a wonderful characteristic.
That is strong, light and stable in water and medicine.
It is also cheap because the raw material is made from oil.
Furthermore, it is easy to make goods. However,
plastic might not have become such an important existence.
That is not all.
We think that the greatest reason that determined its value
is that the processing technology has become so modernized.
The material of plastic is filled the metal mold and can be
shaped as it is hoped.
Even if the shape is complicated, I can make the exactly same things by our technical skills in great quantities quickly.
No such manufacturing technique enables us to make this current culture slightly different.


We can produce things inexpensively and maintain quick delivery. This is our motto to maintain business. However, economic strength and technical skill are indispensable in order to realize the motto. We install modern facilities as quickly as possible. The ejection formation process is remarkably changing. New facilities can enable us to make godds effectively and rapidly. The energy saving and auto machines enable us to manufacture long hours. Furthermore we consider more attention to the environment. In case of delivery system, the computerization of the transacting business satisfies our transportation accurate, certain and quick delivery by our own large trucks. That satisfies their demand of our customers.


We, as a member of Fukuda industry, maintain an
important level of the stabilization of quality
and pursue much higher level.
It is difficult to make the same quality in large
quantities. Even a little defect of the products
should be eliminated even if the users can satisfy
the plastic product and parts.
Many companies use the plastic product in every field of goods.
Each material such as PP, PE, PS,PC,PVC,and AS should be handled differently.
We are accumulating the data of how of manufacturing goods.
We are making the our original know-how.
This is a basic motto of our manufacture development and production management.
"We accumulate much advanced knowhow of using the latest productive system."


What might no plastic bring to our everyday life?
Nothing may come to our mind because almost all things
are made of plastic. The present culture is bone from
the plastic. Our plastic production items are used in
almost all small parts of electronic and stationary.
Those might be indispensable to live our lives.
Furthermore, the products are supporting our cultural
and healthy life without harmful material.
We are sending them out to every part of Japan.